Today’s Clicks – Niagara Falls

Today’s clicks are from the beautiful Niagara Falls , truly a natural wonder- the falls are an amazing tourist attraction, reflecting nature’s larger than life quality and reminds me of how insignificant we are in this universe. Visiting the falls was indeed a humbling and awesome experience.The Niagara falls as you may know actually consists of three falls,…

Clicks of the day

Here are a few more breathtaking , scenic shots  from Maui, Hawaii . The first one shared from the tropical plantations appeared in a previous post. Click on each of the pictures to see the full resolution.                        

Click of the day

The white cruiser looked magnificent against the blue sky and water ! ( ISO 100,  SS 1/800 , f5.6, 250 mm) Picture taken at Kaanapali beach from quite a distance from the lanai  .

Click of the day

Beautiful and mesmerizing skyline of the Lion city, Singapore. The picture of the skyscrapers was taken from the Singapore flyer .Stunning views of the city , parts of Malaysia and Indonesian islands can also be viewed from the flyer!