Today’s clicks – Nature

Today’s clicks are  from the nature and the trails near my home  and around my community .It’s been a while I used my  250 mm lens to take pictures and I was so pleased to get some fascinating clicks. Nature never ceases to amaze me .Like they say “If you truly love nature, you will…

Clicks of the day – From the Trails

Today’s clicks – Casual pictures taken during my morning walks . We usually spot rabbits, squirrels, hamsters and occasionally a deer . Feel fortunate to live amidst so much greenery .Being in nature even for short while ,can  rejuvenate and invigorate the body! It gives one space, restores the spirit and put the problems and cares under perspective , so you  are refreshed…

Today’s Click – King of the Jungle

Today’s click : The magnificent Lion ,so rightly called the “king of the jungle”.The king of the beasts indeed is an icon of courage and royalty .In this shot he was resting , most probably ready for a nap . Shot taken at NC Zoo,  Asheboro. The Lion can sleep for almost 18 to 20 hours after…

Duck and ducklings – Click of the day!

Heartwarming and adorable click of a protective duck and her little ducklings nestling under mother’s warmth.This amazing picture is best viewed in high resolution(click on picture to view) . Shot taken at central park, NY

Click of the day

Moon in the clear blue skies, always a pleasant and beautiful sight to see – Here in this picture a waning Gibbous after a full moon .

Today’s click – Green grass with contrasting red flower

The contrasting color of the red and yellow flower on the green grass makes this picture eye catching ! We were  clicking random subjects in my photography class and someone in the group got the idea of placing a fallen flower between the grass.I did not think of it much while shooting , but to my surprise…

Today’s click

Tropical Flowers – can’t get enough of floral photography  !!

Today’s click –

Scenic Landscape shot from ‘Wailuku’ tropical plantation from  beautiful Maui, Hawaii . Lao Valley in the background.The misty valley and greenery is a feast for the eyes .  

Today’s picture

Exotic flower shot in a photography workshop. The colors of red and green in the background gives a very beautiful scenic and serene view