Orchids – Photos of the day!

Today’s clicks – Varieties of orchids from a  conservatory – Orchids  are one of the most exotic , popular and diverse flowering plants .These ornamental plants are a symbol of  luxury, beauty, love and strength! Did you know it is also considered a Feng-shui plant that brings good luck and prosperity! It is believed that orchids…

Random clicks

For today’s photos – posting a few random clicks , scenic views at the beach , moon in the blue skies and scenic view while landing at RDU airport!    

Today’s click

Today’s click – The beautiful blue sea waters at Myrtle beach, South Carolina ,  also in the picture a red beach cleaner tractor        

Today’s click –

  Practising Front focus – Bride and groom Javanese Dolls from Indonesia

Today’s click

Product or Object Photography – Taken in a photography workshop outdoors. Tips :Product or object photography is preferably taken with a white background, so the center of focus is the object and to avoid any background distractions.Natural light is the best source of light,  diffusers to distribute light evenly , zooming right into the product and using a tripod to…