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Welcome to InspiresN !! I am so glad you visited. InspiresN is dedicated to some of the things that I am passionate about and inspires me . Here I shall feature my tried and successful recipes , memorable and favorite clicks, lessons learned in photography with tips and tricks .( I am a beginner in photography and hope to better as I click and explore .) and quotes. Collecting , reading motivating and inspiring quotes has always inspired me .I have  a section for  quotations that I think are worth sharing.

A little about me , am a software engineer by profession. My parents have been my biggest inspiration.My mom is  a fantastic cook and from whom I learnt  cooking .The recipes I follow are mostly from her ,other family members  or friends and colleagues from all the diverse cultures. I also do experiment with recipes online .I have always loved cooking but my passion for cooking saw a peak when my kids( twins ) turned five . They are my best tasters and reviewers !!My husband is a good cook himself , a huge motivator and of course the tester of my recipes:) My other hobbies and passions are painting, sketching and web designing .

Hope you enjoy reading all the things that inspire me .I would love to hear your feedback.Do write to me at shadesofnr@gmail.com with any suggestions or questions.Happy cooking, clicking and inspiring! Please visit again.Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement and support ! 



A friendly note – The photographs and contents on this blog are my own and hence is copyright unless mentioned otherwise .The quotes are from various sources and have a source link attached.Please feel free to share the contents in the blog, I would however appreciate if you could link and credit  back to inspiresn.wordpress.com if you do. Thank you!