Today’s quotes – Hope

Awesome quotes on hope  for today’s inspiration, believe the best is yet to come !   Advertisements

Mango Mousse

Mango mousse is a very simple and easy to prepare dessert and just needs a few ingredients .This can be prepared a day in advance and served in little  individual  dessert cups when you have guests over.There are many recipes to make mango mousse ,this is one of the easiest . It requires only three ingredients,…

Clicks of the day – From the Trails

Today’s clicks – Casual pictures taken during my morning walks . We usually spot rabbits, squirrels, hamsters and occasionally a deer . Feel fortunate to live amidst so much greenery .Being in nature even for short while ,can  rejuvenate and invigorate the body! It gives one space, restores the spirit and put the problems and cares under perspective , so you  are refreshed…

Chocolate chip cookie with walnuts

 Chocolate chip cookie is an universal favorite sweet treat of most kids and they can usually never say no to it! I used to buy cookies from the store until I learnt the home made cookies are so easy to make and  taste so yummy and delicious, very different from the ones you buy at regular store….

Quote for Today

Today’s quote for inspiration by Daniel Webster so true indeed ! – Peace, love, true friends, time, health , talent ,knowledge  are some of the things money cannot buy 🙂   Source: Speaker’s quote book

Bhindi Alu (Okra with Potatoes)

  This is a delicious recipe that I learnt  a long time ago and among one of the first few recipes that I learnt when I was still in school . Bhindi (okra or lady’s finger) is one of my favorite vegetables as well . This recipe uses dry mango powder along with the other…

Today’s click

Today’s click – The beautiful blue sea waters at Myrtle beach, South Carolina ,  also in the picture a red beach cleaner tractor        

Parippu Payasam – Traditional dessert

‘Parippu payasam’ also called as ‘Dal payasam’ or ‘sharkara pradhaman’ is a very delicious dessert made during festivals and is served as part of the sadya. This is made using yellow split mung beans, jaggery (molasses) and coconut milk . The highlight of the dish is the coconut milk that is used, and it is best to…

Today’s Quote

A wonderful quote on accomplishment by Margaret Thatcher  from the Speaker’s quote book .

Beetroot kichadi ( Grated beets with yogurt )

This colorful and yummy dish made with beets and yogurt is yet another  part of the delicious sadya .This dish is also very healthy and a smart way to get picky  kids to eat beets, which is a rich and nutritious vegetable. It needs very few ingredients and is very easy to make.

Today’s Click – King of the Jungle

Today’s click : The magnificent Lion ,so rightly called the “king of the jungle”.The king of the beasts indeed is an icon of courage and royalty .In this shot he was resting , most probably ready for a nap . Shot taken at NC Zoo,  Asheboro. The Lion can sleep for almost 18 to 20 hours after…

Chana Masala (Chickpeas in tomato and onion gravy)

Chana Masala (ChickPeas or Garbanzo beans in onion  tomato gravy) is a healthy,  nutritious, power packed protein rich dish which is also very delicious  .It is also known by other names like ‘Chole Masala’  or ‘Punjabi Chole masala’.