Suji Halwa (Cream of wheat pudding)

Suji Halwa , also called  Rava kesari is made from cream of wheat .The finer the cream of wheat is  , the better is the result . The finer version is obtained in the grocery by the name Sooji Rava (Fine) .This recipe needs very few ingredients like sugar, nuts ,cardamom, ghee and of course the cream of…

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Tropical Flowers – can’t get enough of floral photography  !!

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Great quote from Confucius , Chinese philosopher and politcian . Keep moving towards your  goal .. Happy Friday!                       SOURCE OF QUOTES : SOURCE1

Paneer Tikka – Pan Grilled

Paneer Tikka is a  delicious appetizer for  any occasion.Almost everyone loves paneer especially the kids and this is such a quick and easy recipe.It is a good source of protein , Vitamin B12 and many other good vitamin sources. Marination is the important part , the paneer  has to be marinated in the yogurt marinade…

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Scenic Landscape shot from ‘Wailuku’ tropical plantation from  beautiful Maui, Hawaii . Lao Valley in the background.The misty valley and greenery is a feast for the eyes .  

Photography for Beginners – Part 3 -Freezing motion

Photography for Beginners -Motion Freeze and capture There are many occasions when one wants to capture the subjects in motion and the pictures turn out blur ,capturing the right moment is lost and is disappointing .We have many ways to freeze and capture movements using different techniques.This post is on how to achieve motion freeze using the shutter…

Shrimp and Drumstick in Coconut Gravy

Shrimp and drumstick in coconut gravy or curry is a very delicious dish from northern Kerala or Malabar in India .The variations to this curry is substituting drumstick with green mangoes or snake gourd . Vegetarians can even omit the shrimp and just make it with the drumstick and it tastes great! Drumstick may not be available…

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Great quote , thought to reflect  how we have it all in us   SOURCE OF QUOTES : SOURCE1   SOURCE2

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Exotic flower shot in a photography workshop. The colors of red and green in the background gives a very beautiful scenic and serene view

Green Peas Curry

Dry Green Peas is a dried lentil , the Indian name is ‘vatana’ . There is also a white version of the dried lentil.This is a very simple, quick and easy recipe to make if you do not forget to soak the dried peas in water overnight or 5 to 6 hours in advance .I directly fry…

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Daylight shot of a lone flower with bud in manual mode  -Canon EOS Rebel T2i (f/5.6 , shutter speed1/400  and ISO 200)

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Beautiful and inspiring quote from Mother Teresa , a remarkable woman, saint,  humanitarian and pillar of compassion . SOURCE OF QUOTES : SOURCE1   SOURCE2  SOURCE3